As August comes to a close, September⁠—glorious September⁠—is on our minds. It is arguably Colorado’s most special month. Cool in the morning, warm in the evening, and colorful. (September survival tip: layers. Begin the day with sweaters, end with short sleeves.)

Such a wonderful month is deserving of great events and traditions. As such, we want to suggest a few of our favorites as you fill up your month’s calendar.

Leaf Peeping

Late August to mid-September
Across the northern hemisphere, leaves change color in the fall. But in Colorado, that window takes place from late August to mid-September. And⁠—quick science lesson⁠—this schedule is on account of our latitude, not our weather. Color change is triggered by day length, not cold, so whether September is unusually warm or cool, the leaves will still change in those first two weeks.

Which means it is time to get out there and plan your peeping! You can enjoy the trees from the comfort of a local park, like Eben G. Fine, or by heading out for a day trip on Peak-to-Peak, which is agreeable by car, motorcycle, or bike! Better yet, plan a hike in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area or head for your favorite single track (we’ve said before, you’ll have to get in touch with us if you want to know our top secret spots for Boulder mountain biking).

Rocky Mountain Beer Festival

September 2
What we love about the RMBF, and what we will always love, is that it saved the storied Boulder Creek Festival, a notable part of Boulder’s heritage. In 1998, when the Boulder Creek Festival was ready to close its doors, Boulder Creek Events swooped in and saved the day with a reimagined approach. So not only can you enjoy lawn games, live music, and delicious local craft beer on the lawn right next to the Boulder Creek for as cheap as $15,  you can also drink up knowing that every sip supports the worthy cause of preserving part of Boulder’s Heritage.

Boulder Valley Wine Festival

September 7
If beer’s not your bag, don’t worry. Boulder has something for everyone. Head to the Boulder Valley Wine Festival where you will find wine from more than 20 Colorado wineries. Just $30 gets you a “bottomless tastes” glass. This year is only the second annual festival, but this new Boulder event is one of many wine festivals across Colorado which exhibit the increasingly sophisticated wines being produced on Colorado’s front range and western slope. Simply, wine tasting on a mild September day is happiness.


September 20-22
Yes, we keep talking about beer but it’s September, after all. What do we mean? Surely the beer enthusiasts already know, but for everyone else, Oktoberfest is actually celebrated at the end of September. Boulder, in all its beer acumen, throws a timely Oktoberfest in late September. Head right back downtown (where you were for the aforementioned RMBF), grab a stein, and try your hand at Hammerschlagen. Event info here.


Throughout September
Yes, beer and wine and getting outside are endlessly delightful, but do not neglect the many wonderful arts groups around Boulder (especially SCFD Tier II organizations). From unique events to art galleries to classical music to theater, there is always something new and different to check out. Boulder is teeming with talented artists of every kind who are worthy of our patronage.

Sunbeam Farm Dinner

September 14 & September 21
Finally, since September is one of the peak harvest months in Colorado (see above about the daylight), there are few things more sublime than a farm to table dinner. There are too many of them around the county to count and we recommend them all. If you are looking to stay close to Boulder, check out one of Sunbeam Farm’s September events featuring Culinary Jules. Bon appétit!