Joining the plethora of pet-focused stores in the Sunrise Shopping Center, Woof Gang Bakery is a Florida-based pet retail and grooming chain that will open its first doors in Colorado. The leasing team at WW Reynolds helped Woof Gang Bakery find its perfect Boulder home as it steps into the Colorado market. We had a chance to catch up with Paul Allen, president and CEO of the franchise nationwide, who fills us in on what Woof Gang Bakery is, why they do what they do, and how they keep our furry friends happy. 

What is Woof Gang Bakery and how did it all begin? 

Woof Gang Bakery is one of the nation’s fastest growing pet retail and grooming chains. Woof Gang Bakery began as a single store in Jupiter, Florida in 2007. Paul Allen, president and CEO, and his wife Cara felt the need for a pet store that offered customers a better shopping experience. So, they decided to start their own pet store and create an environment where franchise owners and employees would know the name of their customers and their pets. In 2009, the company introduced professional pet grooming as part of the store experience – a service that compliments the retail side of the business.

What kinds of people/needs do you encounter at the bakery?

Each Woof Gang Bakery is a neighborhood store owned by a locally-based franchisee. We are focused on the needs of pet owners and the health and well-being of their pets. We pay close attention to the specific needs of customers and their pets and provide products and services that are tailor-made for them.

What prompted you to open a Boulder location?

As one of the nation’s fastest growing pet retail and grooming chains, pet-friendly Boulder was a natural choice. The Woof Gang Bakery Boulder location will be the company’s first store in Colorado.

What were you looking for in terms of space, location, and feature wise when looking for this space in Boulder?

In terms of space, we prioritize location, local pet ownership demographics, regular plaza traffic flow for everyday goods and services, and easy access to our storefronts. The spaces must of course be pet-friendly and accommodate our retail and pet grooming buildout model.

What’s in store for the future for Woof Gang?

With a vision to provide quality pet products and services in a customer service-oriented environment, Woof Gang Bakery is at the forefront of the pet industry, selling healthy pet food and treats and premium products and offering award-winning pet grooming services. We will continue to grow with steady, managed expansion to best enable the corporate office to support the needs of new and existing franchises.