Boulder-based Artimus Robotics is paving the way for robotic advancement in the physical world by developing ground breaking HASEL technology. Artimus recently signed a new lease at 2985 Sterling Court, a building leased and managed by WW Reynolds and owned by Ivy Realty out of Connecticut. We had the opportunity to catch up with the Artimus Robotics team to hear more about what we should expect from them in years to come.

WWR: Give us a bit of background of Artimus Robotics, how did you get started?
Artimus Robotics: Artimus Robotics is a robotic hardware technology company. We are changing the way robotics and automation move by providing life-like motion that can move like you and me. Our breakthrough technology called HASEL artificial muscles provides a new way to make motion by using flexible and soft materials rather than metals and hard-plastics common in traditional robotics. Our actuator technology was developed at the University of Colorado Boulder by the founding team of Artimus. During their PhD careers, the founders of Artimus saw the commercial potential of this technology and received significant commercial interest from companies such as Google and the US Navy and thus in late 2018, Artimus was born. Currently we operate in a variety of industries including defense, industrial automation, human-machine interfaces, as well as a few other experimental applications.

WWR: How did your team at Artimus Robotics come together?
Artimus Robotics: The founding team of Artimus met each other while pursuing their PhDs in the mechanical engineering department at CU Boulder. It was during this time that they developed the technology that is the foundation for Artimus Robotics. Our team has a diverse range of technical backgrounds, ranging from materials science, to design, to mathematics which allows us to tackle the most challenging technical problems as we bring our technology to market.

WWR: You just signed a new lease in Boulder, what made you choose that location?
Artimus Robotics: Artimus Robotics chose Boulder for its location for its proximity to the fantastic technology and start up ecosystem. We have benefited immensely from our Boulder ties, from the University, to the Small Business Development Center, to the countless mentors and advisors in the area, Boulder is an obvious choice for us to lay down our roots. Plus the proximity to the fantastic mountains and outdoors is always a great driver for encouraging our customers and investors to visit us, when health conditions permit of course.

WWR: Tell us about your experience working with WWR.
Artimus Robotics: Working with WWR was seamless for us. This was actually our first commercial lease and WWR was more than accommodating for helping us through the process. Together with our broker,  Christian Smith at the Colorado Group, we were able to quickly find common ground for the terms of our lease. We are truly thrilled with our new location, from the rate to the facilities, it fits us just perfect.

Where do you see the company in 5-10 years?
Artimus Robotics: In 5-10 years I believe Artimus Robotics will be a leader in robotic and automated motion in a variety of different sectors. We truly have a platform technology with the potential to unlock ground breaking robotics applications that have often only been envisioned in science fiction rather than real life. From healthcare to agricultural fields, we believe the missing link in many futuristic robotic applications has been the ability to automate physical processes. Artimus is excited to use our technology to unlock this bold vision.