Many of WW Reynold’s tenants have been affected by the changes to our lifestyle and economy during the COVID-19 outbreak. One of these tenants, Mindfish, has been preparing Colorado’s students for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT for nearly 15 years now. Given that the rest of the 2020 school year looks uncertain, they are hoping to offer resources to not only keep students who have been out of the classroom on track academically, but will be preparing college applicants for the July SAT/ACT sessions.

Founded by Bill Huston and Ryan Krug, who both settled down in the Boulder area after studying at Stanford, the duo have made it their mission to become Colorado’s #1 test prep company. This goal is quickly becoming a reality, rapidly expanding from their original single office in the Cartwright Building into 3 suites that they now call home.

Mindfish had humble beginnings, however. What initially began as an adaptive learning company that set out to build technologies into Facebook evolved into an expertise and large client base for SAT and ACT clients. This ranges from students looking to prepare for the SAT and ACT, to academic assistance, and college essay support. Krug and Huston decided to look inwards and focus on the local test prep market right here in Boulder. It only took 2 years for Mindfish to outgrow their operations from students’ homes, libraries, and bookstores. In 2008, they leased their first office space in the Cartwright Building on the bricks of the Pearl Street Mall. Their continued growth speaks to Mindfish’s dedication to maintaining a learning environment that is helpful to their students, so a space that allows for one-on-one sessions with tutors as well as small group classes is essential.

Searching for that initial Boulder location started with looking for that hybrid space that would provide privacy for both students and administration. The location of the Cartwright building couldn’t have been more ideal: Boulder High students can walk right over from school, and those who come from around Boulder welcome the proximity to the RTD bus station. Tutors and staff at Mindfish can enjoy a more interactive day being in Downtown Boulder as well, especially since the one-on-one nature of tutoring can be tiring. Overall, the energy of being in the heart of the city is invigorating for tutors, staff, and students alike.

Beyond Boulder, Mindfish has added offices in Lakewood, two offices in Denver proper (including one in the Denver Tech Center), and a Boise, Idaho location. All of these offices have been thoughtfully chosen for their location and proximity to major high schools in the area. Krug hopes to open offices in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

Above all, they are trying to do their part to support the changes to life during the COVID-19 outbreak. Keeping the momentum going after switching to remote learning is an adjustment for everyone and Mindfish wants to make sure the drop-off is minimal when students are back in a classroom.