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Luke Arrington
Luke Arrington

Luke moved from Playa del Rey, California to Lafayette, Colorado with his family in the summer of 2013. Prior he had spent the majority of his life living in Southern California and working in commercial real estate all along the West coast, Midwest and Southeast. He started his real estate career with Westwood Financial Corp., one of the largest privately held owner-operators of retail properties, managing their California assets while also earning his California Brokers License. Subsequently he became a Director at LS Capital, Inc. and developed their Property and Asset Management services. Since coming to Colorado Luke has attained his Colorado Brokers License, completed his CSM (Certified Shopping Manager), and become a Certified Property Manager (CPM) Candidate. Luke is always adding to his professional capabilities, has a 7.3 golf index, loves camping and the outdoors, and has been a Star Wars fan since four years old. Luke and his wife Katie have a daughter, Caroline Charlotte ?Cici? Arrington, and son Mark Solo Arrington.

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